Piglet's BIG Game (PS2) Cheats

Piglet's BIG Game cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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"You Are The Bravest Of Them All!" Message
Once you complete level, go back and do "Bravest Of Them All". That is where you have to catch all the Heffalumps and Woozles. Catch every single one in the dream and it will say "You are the Bravest of Them All!"
Bonus Mode
Successfully complete the final level, then replay any level to play an alternate version where you have to catch enemies in the various locations.
Eeyore & Owl Levels
Successfully complete the Pooh and Roo levels to unlock the Owl and Eeyore levels.
Final Level
Successfully complete all other levels in the game to unlock the last level.
Infinite Time In Tigger's Level
In Tigger's dream, when you have to catch his stripes, run out of the haunted house when the clock is still ticking. Go back in and you will have unlimited time to catch the stripes.
Make it Easy
there is a big rock in the main place where you can look at your friends dreams. Kick it and it makes it 110% easier !! what it does it makes the heffalump/ Woozle go slower in grimace mode and when you buy a "scary face" it does not cost anything and the piglet in the machine just wiggles!!
Rabbit & Tigger Levels
Successfully complete the Owl and Eeyore levels to unlock the Rabbit and Tigger levels.