PictoChat Tips

Fun Things To Do With Pictochat!
The test booth trick:

When you go to a game store, and see one of those test booths with pictochat playing, now is your chance for a prank! Go outside and make sure nobody can see your DS. However, stand near a window to see their reactions! Go in to pictochat and say somthing like: "Hey, you, yeah, the one with the red baseball cap!" They will get freaked out and start to play with you, not knowing its actually a person outside the shop!

Sound Seeking:

This is a game for 2 players. Your friend leaves the room while you hide your nintendo ds console. Make sure your volume is up to a high level. Once hid, call you friend back in. She should now look for it, writing messages on her DS and sending them. Your DS should make a ringing noise as a reminder your friend has sent you a message. Continue until she finds it, then you leave the room and your friend hides it!

Story Scribbles:

This is by far my favourite Your friend gives you the characters, setting and title for your story. Then you write a short story with pictures using the given details!! Cool, Write??


3 players or 2, but 2 is a bit unfair. Everybody covers up the top screen with a cloth or somthing. First person draws the head of a random animal or person. Then the next person draws the body, not knowing what the head was. Finally the 3rd person draws the legs and feet. After 5, everybody takes off the cloth to reveal a funny-looking monster! You could get a lions head, owls body and humans legs! Really funny game!

If i can think of any more funny and exciting games, i will post them. Remember, there are more activities you can do using pictochat than the ones above! Those were just a few i like! So keep experimenting and have fun

----- Credits -----
Games: By Me
Pictochat: Not by me
Nintendo: Not by me
Stories I made: By me
Testing Booths: Not by me