Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review
Phoenix wright is a must have!

The good:

  • Good character design.
  • Easy too pick up and play.
  • Cases are long and hard.
  • Great case story's.
  • One of the best in the series.
  • Allot too do in every area of the game.
  • Controls are easy

    The bad:

  • Not much voice acting apart from 'OBJECTION!' and 'HOLD IT!'
  • Everything is in text form
  • Some evidence doesn't make sense.


    In this game you're basically a rookie lawyer. You're name is Phoenix Wright, you must make you're way too become an ace attorney. You must defend you're client until the very end. You must make sure they get that innocent verdict. You get evidence by getting it in court, investigating areas or simply talking too witnesses. You get it in court fairly slowly, by asking questions gets you evidence rarely but mainly by proving someone wrong they bring in evidence too turn it all around. Investigating for evidence is fairly easy, when you're outside of court you may see something that looks like evidence in a certain area you simply click it too add it to evidence. The easiest way is by presenting evidence when talking too people, if they make a reaction too it you always get another piece of evidence.

    There are only five cases in this game they're quite hard and quite long when i started it i completed episode one in one day and thought id finish it in a week or so but it actually took me a few moths. I did the first few episodes in the first few weeks but taking on case 5 was longer than all of them combined! I only played it an hour a day and i did get quite far but case 5 was very hard and took me ages too complete.

    This game is made almost all in text form. You do hear a few voices now and again but thats only when someone shouts 'OBJECTION!' or 'HOLD IT!'. This game really is like a book.

    It doesnt take very long too get used too this game, the controls are easy and basically easy too get into.

    The characters are drawn beautifully, its in anime form, all the characters have different emotions.

    The best part of this game for me was investigating. Basically you go too the crime scene and look around for evidence and more. Detective gumshoe is always there too show you different ways of investigating. Ema Skye (in case 5) made investigating really fun for me, you get too search for fingerprints, search for blood stains. When searching for blood she uses some liquid that shows blood thats been wiped away and makes them quite clear too see. When searching for fingerprints you use some powder, spread it all over the fingerprint, blow the microphone, then compare it to peoples fingerprints.

    What really let me down in this game was some evidence contradicted a testimony but when you presented it nothing would happen. In the other three games, Justice for all, Trials and Tribulations,Apollo Justice they fixed all of this but i would constantly get it wrong in this game and it really annoyed me. Its still one of my favorites though. It is a must have for DS.

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