Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations review
First not always better?

The good:

  • Best of the series.
  • Great storyline.
  • New interesting characters.
  • Characters have real life features.
  • That same phoenix wright feel.
  • Glitch free.
  • Very Addictive.
  • The ability too play as past and present.

    The bad:

  • A bit repetitive.
  • Got rid of some of the features.


    Phoenix wright is back for a great comeback. A new evil comes too face him. Godot, "Ive come back from hell too beat you"-Godot. Godot looks quite evil, hes got some weird looks but an interesting design. Face him in court and send him back. Hes definitely one of the toughest prosecutors phoenix will ever face.

    The new characters in this game are very interesting. They're very weird and interesting. They're all hiding something but you just gotta find out what! Find out by using the Psyche-Lock. If you ever had 'Phoenix Wright:Justice For all' you'll know what it is. Its basically this object Maya gave Phoenix. If someone is hiding something then the psyche lock comes in, they get these big locks on chains around them. If you break them down bit by bit the locks will break down one by one .When there is no more they cant hide anything and have too tell you what they're hiding.

    You can use this in court also. But mainly you have too break down the witnesses without psyche locks. You use the 'press' or 'present' button Pressing ias when you ask about a statement. Present when you have evidence that contradicts a statement. The best way too take the witnesses down is presenting evidence. It leaves them speechless and its fun too see them try too make up for it. Pressing helps in finding what evidence too present because they give more information for what too present.

    They missed out some features that just made the game feel kinda empty. The first one i saw was that you couldn't present people as evidence anymore. Also the ability too search for blood. And other forensic things since Ema wasn't around. I don't remember it being in there.

    The episodes in this game aren't too repetitive but some of them are.Like some of the old games had the same way they were killed. Like being hit over the head.

    Like other Phoenix Wright games this one is glitch free. Its flawless with glitches because they don't try too make the best graphics but more game play.

    In this game you get too play in the past and present. Like in some cases you get too play as phoenix but in another case you get too play as his dead mentor Mia. So you get too see all parts of the story. Because most of the cases are linked. Especially the first one and the fith one.

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