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This is almost a rip-off of Warcraft. I say almost because its good, it takes place in ancient Egypt, and its a bit different in objectives. You start out as a lowly elder and are instructed to build cities for the Pharoah. Do it to his liking and you will proceed to the next mission and start a new undertaking for the Pharaoh. The tasks you must do become more complex as you progress through the game. From getting a certain amount of people in your city to protecting it from invaders, and even building Grand Pyramid Complexes and the Phinx. Speaking of that, you'll have to spend a lot of time building them. You have to do it all. Get the laborers, the stone, brick, limestone, carpenters, and stone masons. To get a lot of people you'll need to provide adequate water services followed by a constant food supply, and as the people progress, they will need linen, treasure, and fine foods. All can be imported or made right in your city. If you have surplus, you can export it. The game is also very accurate. The Nile inundates every year, replenishing the sterile soil. You can mine gold and jems, but most importantly you will need temples to the various gods. There are Seth (God of War), Bast (God of Home), Ra (God of Trade), and Osiris (God of the Nile). More advanced homes will need access to one of these, and even more advanced one will need up to three, although sometimes three Gods aren't available. You can grow your own food (Chickpeas and Lettuce) and meat (Antelope, Ostrich, Birds, and Fish). You can also import them. With that on some missions you will need to raise an army and navy to protect your city, or send them to aid the Pharoahs army, if they are requested. The Pharaoh and other cites will request food, gold, gems, or troops. Though a faithfullness to Seth will prevent that. If you pray to him enough he will destroy the next enemy to come to you gates, or greatly increase the experience of soldiers. That also comes with any other God, pray to them enough and they will give you gifts. They will do this only if they have almost as many temples as the next God, and you have festivals in their honor frequently (not every day, though it takes a lot of beer). Likewise if they don't have many temples, and don't have enough festivals, they will get pissed off and do the opposite of what they would normally do. (Seth destroys your troops, Bast [instead of improving your cities life] will cause plague, Ra [instead of increasing your trade with other cities] will stop it, and Osiris will prevent the Nile from inundating, so you will have bad soil.) Back to the pyramids, it takes nearly 24 hours of playing to create one of the larger pyramids. Possibly because you almost never get the stone when you need it.

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