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Phantom Crash Phantom Crash Game Guide Final

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Phantom Crash

Current Version
 	.4.0 *Vicarious* :: 4:47 PM 8/27/2006
 	It's been awhile, but I'm revamping it to fix any problems I haven't already fixed. Changed my contact as I no longer have AOL, and my Thanks List.
	I actually tried to fix the formatting, and I made it a little better, but there is a problem with the format I uploaded it in, so this is the best
	I can do, sorry.

Previous Versions

 V.3.6 :: 3/11/04 3:48:48 PM


I. Backround
II. Things to Know
III. Battles
IV. Scoobies
V. Weapons/Optional Parts
VI. Enemies
VII. Hints & Tips
IIX. Configurations
IX. Frequently Asked Questions
X. Getting 100% Completion
XI. The Challenge!
XII. Weapons List
XIII. Thanks To...

FAQ start

I. Backround
	A. Scoobies- Military robots that are converted for civilian entertainment called Rumbling.
	B. Neglected Area- The parts of (Old) Tokyo that have become home to Rumblings
	C. New Tokyo- The capital of Japan. 
	D. Backstory - Mainly what happened is Japan is trying to reduce pollution. They first started building cities on water, thinking that the ocean 
		would eliminate pollution. That didn't work. Then they tried to make a machine that fixed the pollution. That didn't work either.	Result: The machine 
		malfunctioned and made living conditions worse, so Tokyo was abandoned and the new capital, New Tokyo, was established.
	E. Rumbling- New sport in which robots battle to the death in the neglected areas.

II. Things to Know
	A. If you do a circle with the right thumbstick in the map you will get 100NY, and you can do it 10 times (resulting in 1,000NY). You can only get 
		up to 1,000NY/day using that method.
	B. On day 55 there will be a special event in Shibuya. There will be lots of drones worth 3,000-10,000NY each.
	C. Use a Rodent or Dog type CHIP because they have the best targeting skills (i.e. their range is a square, unlike a bird types, which are 

III. Battles
	A. There are usually 3 battles in each arena every day, sometimes they are 	regulation, sometimes they are Free days or the most common, 

	B. There are four classes (D, C, B, A), and three arenas. Every Arena has an Arena ranker, and a "Boss" for each class. (There are also nighttime 
		battles, and these likewise have their own "Boss.") The "Boss," whether it be a day or night battle, has his or her name displayed in red. 
		Therefore, in total there are eight Bosses per Arena and a final boss for each arena.

	C. The arenas, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Aqua 409, all have their share of arena-specific tips.
		1. Shinjuku has a few, and they all involve heights. They are the tall buildings that dominate the center of the field. The first is the one 
			that opponents frequently try to get up onto. It is the building near gate #3 (it looks like a parking garage). Just hop onto the ledge, 
			and if your Scoobie has enough jump, it can make it onto the top (if you can't get to the top, but almost can, try using a weapon like 
			a sword or something to propel you forward). Another is near the first gate. There are three ways to get there. The first is to use the 
			little steps that are on the other side of the street with the buses. In addition, you can use the building closest to you when you come 
			out of gate #1 to get on top. Finally, you can use the Parking garage to jump to this building. The final building is nearest to gate 
			#2. Get into the bombed-out portion of this building and hop from one level to the next. There is a giant sign at the top. If your jump 
			is good, you need no further explanation other than jump to the top. Otherwise you need to get to the tall building near gate #1 and 
			jump to it. Also take note that all of these buildings are right in front of a supply drop-off point.
		2. Shibuya's main secret is the gaint cavern underneath. Just find a hole and drop down a few hundred feet. A ramp leads to the top of the 
			cavern. The passageways can be a little confusing, so here is the way to get out of the cavern: go over that little dip with the sewer 
			pipes on either side, and go right to the steps. At the top of the steps, go left, right and right again, then straight.
		3. Aqua 409 has one of the few hidden places that enemies cannot reach on purpose. Start at gate #2, then, after coming out of the gate, 
			turn around and face the gate. Go a little to the left or right, so you're facing the giant sign on top, but not directly at it. Then 
			jump onto the ledge, and hide behind the sign, nobody will care about you up there, sometimes they may accidentally jump onto the 
			ledge, but they won't stay for long. 
	D. You win money every time you destroy an opponent, and can keep all of that money regardless of damage, as long as you can get back to a gate 
		and get inside, without dying.
	E. You have to wait for the Class rankers to come out, but not the Arenas rankers. For an Arena Ranker battle its just one on one.
		1. Shinjukus Arena ranker is Roy.
		2. Shibuyas is Siba
		3. Aqua 409's is Tienxia
	F. The regulation and free battles are not necessary to beat to win the game, but they are necessary to get 100% complete. To view whom the ranker
		 is of which battle go to Record in either Garage or Club Wired. Then go to the Convention menu then Regulation. It will give you a list of
		 every ranker of the sponsor (i.e. the day 55's sponsor is "Me and Rat").

IV. Scoobies.
	A. There are three types of Scoobies that you can get before you get a "Clear" game.
	B. Photon, the lightest type with six sockets. 
		1. Heavy Sniper Rifle - does 5,000 base damage.
		2. Don't try and fight an enemy head-on with a Photon. Its best for shooting around corners and taking out enemies who just finished fighting
		 	each other, and guerilla warfare in general.
		3. Getting the most speed out of your Photon is important
	C. Holy, Medium type, best all-around. It has five sockets. 
		1. L50 Javelin- laser rifle, excellent damage. Only available on SV's every other 6th day in the Ventuno Scoobie shop. (Days 18, 30, 42, 54).
		 	It does have its shortcomings, though. If you use its energy, no matter how little or much you use, you must wait for the weapon to 
			recharge completely. This may be longer or shorter depending on if it is light or heavy.
		2. Penetrate Cone- Melee weapon. The strongest melee weapon for the Holy
		3. The Holy doesn't have six leg or six wheeled modules.
		4. Definately a blend of speed and durability, plus it looks cool as hell.
	D. Aeron. It is the heaviest Scoobie with only four sockets.
		1. Very durable.
		2. It is very slow, so don't expect to escape a fight once you start one.
		3. There aren't any standout weapons, because most of them do a tremendous amount of damage, anyway.
	E. There are also 3 types of Scoobies that are unlcoked after you get a "Clear" game
	F. Charga CG-F5.6
		1. This is a light blue Scoobie, the same that Yuki used. I would not recommend it, though.
	G. Tolomeo TR-T3-4
		1. This is the one that Siba uses. If you are going to use an unlockable SV, this one is the best out of the 3, though not very good 
			compared to my Holy...
	H. Tolomeo TR-R-45
		2. This is the kind that Tienxia uses. Unless you are good at conserving ammo and moving around with a relatively heavy SV, don't get into 
			any serious fighting until you become proficient.

V. Weapons/ Optional Parts
	A. There are different weapons and optional parts. Optional Parts can only be obtained from Wild Machines, some weapons can only be found at the 		manufacturer.
	B. The best setup is that of hover legs, a rapid-fire gun for either taking out O.C. or backup. The best thing you need is a weapon that doesn't 
		use ammo, like a laser or a melee weapon.
	C. You can upgrade weapons and CHIPS at Plus Tech.
	D. 10, 20, and/or 30mm armor is your best friend.

VI. Enemies
	A There are quite a few (50 some) opponents. Some are better than others are. Enemies to look out for: Siba, Roy, Milch, Kanb@TK23, Bobby, and Screw.
	B. Lots of them use missles; dodge them by using the emergency sidestep.
	C. One hit form any weapon or blast will reveal a cloaked enemy. 
	D. They can partially see you, just as you can see them. They WILL shoot in the direction from which the fire is coming. 

VII. Hints
	A. All enemies' weakness is their back. It takes a lot less ammo to kill an enemy from the rear. Sneak up behind them and use your strongest weapons.
	B. If you can get on top of buildings, do so.
	C. If you don't use all of the ammo for the laser in one shot, you can't fire it again until it completely re-charges.
	D. Hover legs are what you want. They are extremely fast and mobile. They don't hold the most, but a little tweaking will fix that.
	E. Most battle arenas hold a good 150,000 NY in the destructible environment, meaning that when you blow stuff up (i.e. buses, barrels, signs, etc.) 
		you get money for it.
	F. NEVER face an opponent with a large, bazooka, shoulder-mounted weapon head on, and then run- most have a damage of at least 2000. And your 
		weak spot is your	back. You do the math 2000+ damage to your weak back. Not good. 
	G. Be smart if you want to survive until the Arena Ranker comes out. Hide if you need to, use your enemy tracker, DON'T try to fight opponents with
 		bazooka weapons or swords, especially Aerons. Although a large target and a slow speed are Aeron downfalls, power is what they gain.
	H. If you can strafe well, you will be fine, they won't be able to track you and shoot you close-up, and they can't hit you with missles from 
		close-medium range, either. 
	I. By pushing down the left thumbstick you can accelerate to full speed instantly rather than waiting the 1 second it takes to accelerate without it.
	J. By going up a ramp, and at the top, immediately going in reverse, you can accelerate yourself into the sky backwards. This can be done on almost every ramp.
	K. If Wild Machines doesn't have the weapon you want, try the manufacturer's store. They may have a SV with the weapon equipped. 
	L. Some weapons have no equivalents on other types of SV's, the Holy has the 	M2021Gatling and the L/50 Javelin, the Aeron has the T23 キ SV-ATC and the 
		M25A3 キ Hedgehog, and the Photon has the Heavy Sniper Rifle and the No.31 Red Lotus. 
	M. When you get a Missile alert that means an enemy has locked onto you. It could also mean an enemy with a melee weapon has locked onto you.

IIX. Configurations
	A. Holy
		1. MJOLNIR- L50/Javelin, Penetrate Esturk (light level. 99), 2Leg (heavy 15), Options- 20mm armor (2), OCGIIIB, Body (normal)

		2. Roy- RA Canon HM10 (light level. 10), LA- M2021 Gatling (light level. 15), Legs 2Roller (heavy level. 30), 
			Left Back- M-28LL Meteor (light level. 25), Options- 10mm armor, Multi Accelerator (2), OCGIIC, CHIP: There is no 'Nichola' so 
			any CHIP under .293 t will suffice

		3. Mk. VI-  RA- L50/ Javelin (normal), LA- L50/ Javelin (light level. 25), Legs Hover (heavy level. 28), Body (light level. 21), 
			Options- 30mm Armor, Multi Accelerator, OCG IIIC, CHIP- Wolf II (.358 t)

		4. MD Giest- RA- Penetrate Cone (Light Level .99), LA- L50/ Javelin (normal), Legs Hover (normal) Body (light level. 30), Option OCGIVA, 
			30mm armor, Multi-accelerator.
	B. Photon
		1. Screw- RA- No. 29 Slayer, LA- Heavy Sniper Rifle, Legs- PHLeg, Paint- Kotobuki Dragon

	C. Aeron
		2. Alas, there are no Aerons...yet.

IX. Frequently Asked Questions

	Q. What is a Scoobie?
	A. It is a smaller version of a mech from Mech Assault or even Murakumo. They were originally designed by the military, but found the civilian market.

	Q. Where does Phantom Crash take place?
	A. In the Neglected area, otherwise known as Old Tokyo.
	Q. What happened to Tokyo?
	A. When the Japanese first started experimenting with atmosphere clean-up they placed facilities on the sea, hoping that would help. That program failed, 
		and became 409 Aqua Line. They then created a machine to clean up the air, but it malfunctioned, and basically made the air worse, destroying
		Tokyo and spreading the pollution over Asia and most of Europe.

	Q. Are there any cheats for Phantom Crash?
	A. There are some hints, but no cheats.

	Q. OK, then what are the hints?
	A. Well, there are the three unlockable mechs after beating the First Ranker, but you will have to check out for the rest of the hints/tips.

	Q. Are you completely obsessed with this game?
	A. Yes.

	Q. How much is the game?  
	A. I got it marked down from $19.99 to $9.99 at EB.

X. Getting 100% Completion
	A. It is not quite known yet how to get a 100% completion rate. I have gotten up to 97%. I think it may be because of the endless "Burning Chrome" 
		Free Days. Play it every time you see it and defeat the ranker. Some people think that you need to lose a battle against Roy, and then beat Siba; 
		it's a bunch of hoo-ha if you ask me. Well, anyway for buying ALL of the music in Sonic Amp, you get a special dialogue with Lunch. 
		so check out for more details. (Probably offline or a ghost site now)

XI. The Challenge
	A. Try to beat my stats! If you e-mail me your stats, I will include YOU in the hall of fame! (Heh, maybe noone was emailing me because that old email was
		shutdown right after I added this part to the faq.)
	Rumblings played 157
	Number of returns 149
	Return rate 94%
	Longest battle time 01:15:25
	Shortest battle time 00:01:03
	Highest prize money earned 3,463,830 NY
	Total enemies shot down 8,708
	Drones shot down 949
	Enemy weapons destroyed 93
	Weapons destroyed 0
	Total prize money 73,464,500 NY
	Total achievement rate 95%

	B. Hall of Fame

XII. Weapons List
	A. Holy
		1. Arm Weapons
			i. Type-G15/25 (Shotgun)
			ii. 65/14M25Barrister (Bazooka)
			iii. Pistol/HM15 (Pistol)
			iv. Penetrate Cone (Melee)
			v. L50/Javelin (Laser)
			vi. Canon/HM10 (Machine Gun)
			vii. M2021Gatling (Gatling Gun)
			viii. Penetrate Esturk (Melee)
			ix. Penetrate Staff (Melee)
		2. Shoulder Weapons
			i. L105/Javelin (Laser)
			ii. G24 Slingshot (Grenade Launcher)
			iii. 65/14M Canon (Machine Gun)
			iv. M-24L/1Aspide (Missile)
			v. M-24L/3Aspide (Missile)
			vi. M-24L/4Apide (Missle)
			vii. M-28LLMeteor (Multi-Missle)
			viii. 65-14M-Catapault (Strong Cannon)
		3. Legs
			i. HL2Roller
			ii. HL4Roller
			iii. HL2Leg
			iv. HL4Leg
			v. HLHover
	B. Aeron
		1. Arm Weapons
			i. M22 キ Auto shot (Shotgun)
			ii. SVAMAW キ DragonIII (Bazooka)
			iii. A22b3 Knuckles (Melee)
			iv. 25mm minigun (Pistol)
			v. 12.7mm machinegun (Machine Gun)
			vi. A27a1 Chainsaw (Melee)
			vii. A22c7 Drill Arm (Melee)
			viii. M25A3 キ Hedgehog (Multi-rocket)
			ix. T23 キ SV-ATC (Tank cannon)
		2. Shoulder Weapons
			i. 4Rack-SV-TOM (Missile)
			ii. Auto Grenader (Grenade Launcher)
			iii. 37mm Gun Launcher (Machine Gun)
			iv. SV-TOM (Missile) 
			v. 3Rack-SV-TOM (Missile)
			vi. RAPIDFIRE (Multi-Missile)
			vii. T23E5BIGSHOT (Strong Cannon)
			viii. OL30 Laser Canon (Laser)
		3. Legs
			i. AE2Roller
			ii. AE4Roller
			iii. AE6Roller
			iv. AEHover
			v. AE2Leg
			vi. AE4Leg
	C. Photon
		1. Arm Weapons
			i. No.27 Slayer (Melee)
			ii. Heavy Sniper Rifle (Hi-Power Rifle)
			iii. No. 30 SV gun (Shotgun)
			iv. Non-recoil cannon (Bazooka)
			v. No. 29 Knife (Melee)
			vi. No. 30 anti-SV rifle (Pistol)
			vii. anti-SV machinegun (Machine Gun)
			viii. Gauntlet (Melee)
			ix. No. 31 Red Lotus (Multi-rocket)
		2. Shoulder Weapons
			i. Machingun31 (Machine Gun)
			ii. Triple-fire ASVM (Missile Launcher)
			iii. No.27 Bazooka (Grenade Launcher)
			iv. No. 15 Heavy Cannon (Strong Cannon)
			v. Single-fire ASVM (Missile)
			vi. No. 31 Slams (Laser)
			vii. Quadruple-fire ASVM (Missile)
			viii. Special ASVM No. 28 (Multi-Missile)
		3. Legs
			i. PH4Leg
			ii. PH3Roller 
			iii. PH6Roller
			iv. PH2Leg
			v. PHHover
			vi. PH6Leg 

XII. Thanks To....
	Markie, who gave me the idea to make a weapons list, Vandal, who gave me the idea to write this FAQ, and many, many 
	leepless nights with several dozen cans of Pepsi. Also skatcat31 who re-intrested me in Phantom Crash.

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