Phantom Breaker

  • Released on Apr 10, 2012
  • By 5pb for Xbox 360

Phantom Breaker Cheats

Phantom Breaker cheats, Achievements, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
You are the champion! (30)Unlocked when arcade mode is completed on any difficulty.
Flash! (5)Use Overdrive mode while the fight style is set to Quick [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Rock you! (5)Use Overdrive mode while the fight style is set to Hard. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Going slightly mad! (10)Use a Counter-Burst. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Under pressure? (10)Unlocked when guard break is applied [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Save me! (10)Unlocked when emergency is used.[Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Break free! (15)Perform at least 30 successful counter-attacks in one round [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Now I'm here! (5)Unlocked after winning a ranked match for the first time.
Keep yourself alive! (15)Unlocked after winning ranked matches twice in a row.
Rushing headlong! (15)Unlocked after fighting 25 ranked matches.
Don't stop me now! (25)Unlocked after fighting 50 ranked matches.
Secret Achievements-
Shadow Mist (30)Saw the ending of the fog the shadows: Story Mode
Lotus (30)Saw the ending of the lotus: Story Mode
Night Time (30)Saw the ending of the night time: story mode
Juvenile (30)Saw the ending of the juvenile: Story Mode
Citrus Leaf (30)Saw the ending of citrus leaf: Story Mode
Flower (30)Saw the ending of flower: Story Mode
Your Sins Now Sleep (10)Calling on fin!
I'll Kill the Delusion of You (10)Calling on limiting!
I'll Stab You... (10)Calling on Chris!
Mon Only (30)Only saw the ending of the month: Story Mode
Love Heart (30)I saw the ending of the heart: the story mode
To be Continued... ? (30)Saw the ending of the fin: Story Mode
Mei (30)Mei saw the ending of: Story Mode
Mikoto (35)Saw the ending of Mikoto: Story Mode
F#%@ It! (15)Decided to throw combo
Master Offset (30)Exceeded 3,000 times the number of total offset
Useless Cantabile Given (60)No breakthrough given total 65,536 points
I Kept Up and Coming (15)Find an application or cross-burst counter
What's Being Caught? (10)Succeeded in throwing missing
Deadly Attack and Weak Final Mystery (5)In burst gauge MAX, decided to compete on weak attack
Avoid Virtuoso (25)Exceeded 250 times the number of total slip shift
Just What's Being Caught (15)Had a successful exit just throw
Textbook Attack of the Street (15)I read all the game references
Phantom Breaker Maniacs (15)Or to release the results of all, that stores the data save Breaker demo version of the phantom
Axel Four Air Cat (50)Exceeded 500 times the number of total passive
Received Master (25)Exceeded 250 times the number of total protection
My Best (20)The victory decided the critical burst
Chris is Said not to Take Sides (20)Chris has canceled
Power of the Clock Up (10)Total 40hit gave up in overdrive during the clock in a round
The Power of Solid Armor (10)15hit total was taken in a solid armor in overdrive in round
Person to be Infinite (20)Infiniti has canceled
Schroedinger's Cat (20)You released the fin
I Use More Than This Delusion (20)You release the limiting
Aerial Combat (25)25hit Sasero total attacks in a round in the air
Tsunagero! (15)Decided to cancel strengthening mortal mortal
Not Forced (15)Decided the game in Deadly Attack
Revival of the Dead (20)The victory in a round fire emergency mode
Avoid Roll (15)Had a successful 15 times in a round slip shift
Roll Received (15)Had a successful 15 times in a round protection


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
FinComplete Story Mode with all normal characters
InfinityComplete Arcade Mode with any character
Kurisu (First Method)Complete Arcade Mode with all normal characters, then complete Arcade Mode without continuing, with 100 counters, and using a Deadly Attack each match
Kurisu (Second Method)Win 250 matches across all modes
Rimi (First Method)Complete Story Mode with Fin, then win every round in Arcade Mode without continuing and defeat her in the match before Infinity
Rimi (Second Method)Win 200 matches across all modes