Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Cheats

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Changebook and Bottlemail

Stack as many characters on top of either Marona's house or the tree next to it as you can, you may need to create a few first. Now climb up the stack of characters by jumping on top of each one. Once you reach a certain height, you will get a message indicating that you have set a record and have received a Changebook.

Keep stacking and climbing and you'll get another message, but this time you will get a Bottlemail instead (the message will be a random name). This is a very useful character for confining, as it usually has a 100% obtain rate.
Hidden Bordeaux at Phantom Island

At each of these locations on Phantom Island there will be 100 Bordeaux.


on top of Maronas house

elevated land on hill behind house.

corner of map

niche behind Maronas house in the water.

circle of stone in front of Maronas house.
Snakish Sword

In the tutorial called "Lifting and Throwing," the game will demonstrate how to lift and throw using a sword named "Snakish". This sword never appears elsewhere in the game, and has techniques you can only learn from that sword. You also only have this one chance to grab it.

To get the sword for your own, confine the Bottle Mail character to the sword instead of lifting it like the demo told you to. Let his three Remove turns run out and the sword is yours.