Phantasy Star Online Version 2 review
A must get for the Gamecube ^_^

The good:

Its PSO!!! Players of PSO will understand. New levels, new modes of play, new classes to choose from, new enemies, new bosses, new items, new weapons, new and improved in every way imaginable !

The bad:

A seeingly boring style of play, you fight enemies, kill them, then advance to the next level, although this will never seem boring to you when you give it a try.


Sonic Team has heeded previous players cries for change. This game is improved in every imaginable way, by way of a trial, or should i say beta version, Sonic Team was able to get user input to make all the necessary changes to make PSO for GC an A+ game. For those of you who havent played the game, no matter what your impressions are, it is better than it seems. It has a short learning curve, in a few days you will have mastered all that PSO has to offer, and it really is a lot ! The list of cool things is too long to display, so just drop on by the forum and make a post, I'm sure any questions you may have will be answered.

Bottom line, PSO is a truly great game, It is sure to contend with the likes of Metroid and Super Mario Sunshine this fall.

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