Phantasy Star Zero Cheats

Phantasy Star Zero cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Phantasy Star Zero cheat codes.


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Guest Item Passwords (Japan)
Input these passwords in the Sewer Vending Machine to receive the specified item.
PasswordWhat it does
3489-9723Seena Kanon's Blade Cannon from Shining Wind (PS2)
4137-5476Selvaria's Spear from Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
4624-5828Dokan Bazooka (Warp Pipe) from Mario Bros. (NES)
4841-9476V-Jump Shield
5247-3115Valiant Mysticker from Blazer Drive (NDS)
5397-8287Famitsu Magazine
5848-4768Testarossa Mysticker from Blazer Drive (NDS)
6337-6325Power Beam from Metroid (NES)
8331-7716Hatsune Miku's Leek from Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- (PSP)
8741-4615Caduceus Wand
9425-3366Selvaria's Shield from Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)


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By completing certain tasks, you earn titles. Go to player record to see titles and get rewards.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dragon KillerKill Reyburn 5 times.
Devil HunterKill Octo Diablo 5 times.
Enemy CrusherKill 1,000 hostiles.
Eternal ChallengerClear "The Eternal" quest on normal.
Greenhorn HunterReach level 3.
Rookie HunterReach level 10.
Reagular HunterReach level 20.
Lead HunterReach level 30.
Ace HunterReach level 40.
Power HitterDeal 300+ damage in one hit.(Photon Blasts work well)
Chain AceAttain 10 chains.
Team MemberPlay in multiplayer mode.
TraderSpend 10 photon drops in the underground shops.
Heavy TraderSpend 50 photon drops in the underground shops.
Cat LoverPet all three cats in the city.
Modifying MasterMaximally upgrade an equip.
Wand CollectorObtain 50% of Wands.
Mag CollectorRaise a rare mag.(Feed a Puyo, Lassi, or Toppi soul to a level 60+ mag)
Mag TraderTrade a mag in multiplayer mode.
the light bringerdefeat dark falz 5 times(photon blast glitch works good)
Ogi's friendInvited Ogi 50 times.
Sarisa's friendInvited Sarisa 50 times.


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A Wierd "Disease"?!
OK, I was somewhere in Arca Plant on the mission about you chasing your imposters. When I reached an area with a green laser, I walked towards it and accidentally got caught in the trap that immobilizes you(sorry, I forgot what it's called)(trap was in front of laser). Since the AI's are too stupid to save me, the laser got stuck in the trap too. lol. So after the the trap exploded, the laser vanished. There was then wavy red lines that causes you to be cast w slow(also don't know the name of it). So be careful not to get in this mess unless you already have.

P.S. the "disease" will stay even if you exit the area and re-enter.


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Machine Gun Handgun/Mechgun Glitch
This glitch can change your super weak handgun/mechgun into a terror that rains bullets onto enemies. Works best against revived rappies and slow close range bosses. Me and my brother accidentally found it out during multiplayer
Safe place to initiate
Gun blade
Your handgun/Mechgun
How to do it
Shoot your gun blade
Keep holding L
Open your menu while holding it
Equip your handgun
Exit menu while still holding L
Watch as your handgun transforms to a machine gun while L is held

Easter eggs

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Secret Shops
After completing a few quests, Nicholas will tel you about the sewer. Go to the very bottom of the city and you will find a manhole. Go in and there will be special shops!
Special Rooms from fields
There are some access to some special rooms in the fields.
1. The Bakery, the bakery is only accessible in the Valley and Wetlands. (I forgot but when you go in, you might get a new quest)

2. Pizza Shop, this shop is only accessible in Arca Plant. There's a shop that allows you to buy Pizza Boxes, it is a armor, and has good stats if you grind them to the max. (Their max is +99, also one of the only ones that can be grinded to +99.)

I'm still trying to find if both of them can be accessible in multiplayer. so if it does message me!