Phantasy Star 0 is a hack-and-slash RPG from developer Sega which was released as a stand-alone game in the Phantasy Star series; the game is also known as “Phantasy Star: ZERO” in some PAL regions such as Europe and Australia. The game was first released in 2008 and is exclusive to the Nintendo DS.

The game features three unique main stories which are ultimately connected later in the game; it's split between the Humans, CAST and Newmans. The Newmans are a relatively new race which was created in Phantasy Star Universe for experimentation while the CAST are a race of Androids that was initially created to serve humans.


At the start of the game, players can create their own character by selecting from different races to build their skills from; each race is naturally good at certain areas such as magic or ranged combat. The game allows the player to specialize into different areas to create a unique playstyle.

The player fights alongside a customizable group of AI hunters to complete different missions which take place in the seven different environments of the game; each combat area is randomly generated and will contain different rewards each time.

Combat allows the player to perform combos with different weapons and use attacks of different strengths; there are over 300 different weapons in the game to collect and battle with. It's possible to use items during fights to heal and the Force class can use abilities to support the rest of the party. There are two other classes in the game, the melee focused Hunter and the Ranger which uses ranged weapons such as guns.

When playing the game online with other players, the AI companions are removed and players are able to communicate through different methods; the pre-composed messages list allows players to set set phrases to each other which will be delivered in the language their Nintendo DS is set to. It is also possible to send drawings and written messages with the Visual Chat mechanic.


Single player campaign – Play through the story and fight alongside AI companions

Online modes – Team up with others online to fight through different missions

Create a character – Customize different skills to form a unique playstyle

350 weapons – Find a huge number of different weapons to suit any gameplay style

Players liked:

  • Lots of items to collect
  • Nice multiplayer experience

Players didn't like:

  • AI is awful
  • Weak mission design with re-used bosses
  • Combat is clumsy
  • Single player is repetitive

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May 22, 10 6:07pm
I like the boomerang things. Great range of enemies. PhantasyStarZero
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Fighting...(duh) PhantasyStarZero
Nov 13, 09 1:20pm
Training, doing quests and I am waiting to go online with other persons so please pm me if you want to play online. PhantasyStarZero
Feb 15, 09 5:35am
Read about this one in Nintendo Power the other day. PhantasyStarZero
Subtle Demise blogged
Dec 22, 08 5:54am

So I got my hands on Phantasy Star Zero before it was supposed to even come out in Japan and I'll be showing you guys what it's like. I like it so far, despite having no clue what anything says. Here's a quick look at character creation. There's not much in the way of customization but maybe there'll be more options for clothing and stuff later on in the game.

Use this link if the NeoVideo won't load:

ds gaming related phantasy star character creation
Nov 10, 08 7:50pm
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Sep 12, 08 11:32pm
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  • North America: Nov 10, 2009
  • Japan: Dec 25, 2008
  • Australia: Q3 2009
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