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An Average game for the right person

The good:

Customized characters, lots of different graphics on weapons, great soundtrack

The bad:

Too many weapons, lots of AIM issues in the game, very repetative, bad AI, horrible drop rate


Well, after 100 hours I thought I'd write my review of this game. I won't write a synopsis of the game, but if you enjoy the Star Wars flavors of different races/classes in a futuristic setting while still maintaining some medieval uses like swords, spears, etc., then you'll enjoy the game's setting.

I'll break it down to the pros and cons of the game


Well, one thing is you get to fully customize your hero of the game, and the cool thing is you get to change ANY part of your character in any part of the game! (Which is good because my character had a high voice at the beginning).

I l...


Alone, In This Strange Universe...

The good:

There are still classic RPG elements involved. Multi- choice Dialogue and an extensive levelling system are included.

A huge variety of weapons, armours and upgrades will definately extend playtime, especially if you seek the rarer items.

Lots and lots of spoken dialogue, meaning no senseless button bashing to skip boring conversations.

Gameplay runs smoothly and only gets as complex as you want it.

The bad:

You can either find yourself very immersed or rather fed up with the game soon enough.

You will often be required to play the same mission with a different name to progress.

The lack of Infrastructure online play is rather upsetting.

Bland NPC designs makes you want to remain in the mission field.


As I keep reiterating, the PSP has a solid line-up this year, and could just lift itself from the edge of its deep grave. With high hopes for this year’s titles, SEGA have managed to push a game into the market that was a little unexpected due to its past success; the Phantasy Star series. To be honest with you readers, I had a bad run-in with the series when I decided to grab myself a copy of Phantasy Star Universe for the Playstation 2. It turned out to be a rather sour singleplayer experience, lacking any kind of plot depth to keep even the most hardcore fans interested. Then there was t...

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