Phalanx (GBA) Cheats

Phalanx cheats, and Codes for GBA.


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Gameshark Codes
Master Code [M] (Must Be On) 169585413AB78280

Infinite Health EBFF3C9917EC4CE5

Always Have Single Shot CE0A40469235B112

Always Have Double Shot AA803495C49D45CC

Always Have Triple Shot 3CC4F7375533EB3C

Always Have Quad Shot 7BC4701A909BEFCA

Infinite Bombs 460695F966604459

Infinite Lives 258EB7F235F2639A

Max Score 6DBAE905A5A72061

Invincible 84E3699432B54AA1

Always Slow Speed 104A0ACBBC322CA1

Always Medium Speed 794892787C690C15

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