Perfect Dark Zero

  • Released on Nov 21, 2005
  • By Rare for Xbox 360

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Mission Assistant...

The good:

The long awaited "prequel" to Rare's finest FPS's of the N64 Console, Perfect Dark has finally made its return, both on a new system and look.

Immediately, you will see the similar concepts to Perfect Dark and even Goldeneye Veterans.

You are Joanna Dark, daughter of Jack Dark, one of the famed bounty hunters in the futuristic era.
Hoping to follow his footsteps eagerly, Joanna had made her first great impression to her father when she unsuspectedly assisted him on a backstaged rumble.

After this act, Jack thought she was finally ready to give her role a shot in being abounty hunter as well..

Your first mission is set in a simulated area, being com assisted by Chandra, a very prestigous computer hacker and communications expert to help Joanna and Jack.

The minute you start, you will be stunned of the visual arts of both Joanna and the enviroment.

seeing in FPS vision, you will not only see Joanna creatively reload a gun, but you are also given the options to tumble, which helps avoid gunfire occassionally...and the ability to find cover in a nearby obstacle. Fortunately, by doing these, Joanna will be seen in 3rd person for a good camea angle during gunfights.

Do not be afraid what to do, Chandra will simply imform you of your objective, and also mark arrow keys to your destination as well should you get lost.

Alot of reviews gave the soundscore a bit under-scored, but in my opinion, I loved how when youre in a dance club with rythymic dance music to the snowy trails with sspensful tunes, but thats just my opinion.

The voices arent bad either, this gives you a good listening aid to hear a foe if they actually got you spotted or just chattering stories to their comrades in stealth missions.

Onto the weapons...(oh yes)
The game may not have featured up to 40+ weapons as Rare promised, but the idea was to mix up Goldeneye and Perfect Dark's arsenal into one.

The magnum and RC-P90 are among the popular guns most veterans will remember.

Returning PD's "Secondary" function and featuring a new "teritorial" upgrade, this is where most of the guns become absolutely different in many ways.

The Falcon pistol may be just a standard handgun, but it's secondary allows a clip to be thrown and blasted at to nearby foes, allowing distrations or actually, have damage to be inflicted on.

The game features a odd "four" slot equipment display as well. This balances and restricts the carrying all the weapons you can find, and insteads puts the player in a situation where a necesity comes to play.

Should the player carry 3 Handguns and a set of grenades..? a Shotgun and Smg....or take up the whole slot and carry either a Sniper rifle or Rocket Launcher, make your picks carefully.

Hell, if you came to combat un-armed, you can even disarm and steal the weapon of your foe, giving you a chance to put up a fight.

In missions, the game features a neat "Co-op" style mode that puts you and a friend playing the actual solo missions together. Be warned that the missions will be slightly configured, putting both the players to co-opperate and work together, the mission will fail should one player get killed as well.

One of the favored specs of PDZ is the X-box live battles. I will say this only once, but the combat is incredibly over powered from Halo 2.

Sets of games can be made, from deathmatches...The usual "Kill" to the highest score rating, or Eradication.... Team styled battles that will pit you and a team against the other.

Some Eradication games include the usual "Kill count" to "Sabotage" A neat rule where a team must destroy certain property of the opposing team, while that team must defend it. Much like "king of the hill" but the attacking team must try to destroy all the property before either their team or the opposing team runs out of units.

During any "Eradication" Games, the player is given "Credits" to purchase any of the PDZ weapons available. From the Hawkeye boomerang to the Virblade, one of the favored melee weapons of this purpose. You can eve choose to buy veichles, depending on the map chosen, you can pick from jet pack robots to Snowcraft mobile gunners.

Be very careful what you buy, you never know if youre taking on extemely marksman Snipers or insanely grenade launching groups.

The connection is not bad either, though most of the time the lack of knowing "who" hosts the game is rather annoying, players ranging from 2 to 32 has been proven extremely slick in the gaming process.

The bad:

One of the biggest flaw is that the story is immediately an excuse to put Joanna from stealth to furious combat.....for absolutely no reason sometimes..

In other words, the story wasnt..."appealing" enough to convince the player "Why is Joanna acting stealth in this arabic structural place when....she could have just swarmed in with rail guns..?"

The graphics is still feeling as if this whole game could have been done on the X-box. Although the background scenery and jungle aspects is so rich and smooth, more could have been done, such as the ability to cause property damage other than gastanks, and more usefulness to the enviroment.

The characters themselves, dont look realistic Enough, though Joanna is a few years younger, they made her a lot too spunkish to be a expert gun tactionalists. Sometimes, the quotes Joanna and the rests are a bit...too "comedial" Dont epect this game to be downright violent, but it does contain animated violence that may not be in the best interest of pre-teens

The difficulty is sometimes rdicoulous. For those who played Goldeneye on 00 Agent, the enemy's accuracy is down right insane, in about 5 will be taken down as fast as someone meleeing you from behind. Those new to the PDZ series, please ignore the comments of the game and play through the game on "Agent" It will be a while before you can get the hang of cover, tumbling and sparing ammo.


Being a Launch title, it is still a very good solid game to try. Both single and Live online play will keep you urging to keep going...."BOOM HEADSHOT" in those strangely odd times.

If youre not into the whole futuristic combat, Call of Duty 2 is also not a bad choice, the choice is yours. But I sincerely recommend to get your parents to buy you that X 360. This will be one game that puts the engine of a whole new console give a whole different meaning..

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