Peasant's Quest review
Peasant's Quest

The good:

Rather Dashing knows his skills to be a peasant.

The bad:

Trodor destroys Rather's home while Rather was on vacation. Rather Dashing is angry and wants to get revenge on Trodor.


Coming back from vacation, Rather Dashing comes home and is about to unpack his things. When he sees his home destroyed with only ashes left, he knew that was Trodor. He swore he will get revenge on Trodor. People say he can but he has to stink, dress, and be on fire as a peasant. After for about 4 hours, he says at a Inn. When the owner left him. He tossed and turned and tossed and turned. He had been doing it for about 20 minutes. He said the bed was so uncomfortable. He now gets his clothes and then a pot falls on him. He finally makes out with a pot on his head and didn't know here he was going. And obviously he takes it off. The guard let him pass to Trodor's lair. He had to climb and a mountain. After he climbed the mountain he had to answer 3 trivia questions and gets rewards on the way. After that he found Trodor sleeping and he throws his sword. Rather is shaking with fear not knowing what's going to happen next. Trodor talks to Rather Dashing that nobody has made it this far and says they will make a statue or something. And the message says something like Aw that was very nice of him! Then Tordor burns Rather Dashing and people make a statue right in front of his house.

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