Peasant's Quest Cheats

Peasant's Quest cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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you can get a few extra points by picking some more arrows after you kill the kerrek. if it's worth it to you.
Cheat Answering You
Whenever you have cheat in it, he will go "Meh."
Gamefaqs Reference
Before you get the baby, go to the left half of the lake type Throw Baby. It will say "I think you have misread the walkthrough at GameFaqs you have to get the baby first."
get to 39 points
this is a long tip, but it's easy to follow!! Never Mind going to the knight in the begining of the game, go straight to the left side of the lake, {the side next to the fisherman.} Next, go up to the gray stones and type, "get pebbles". take a little break and go to a house with 4 bushes in the front of it. Go to each bush and type "pick berries". Now, back on track, after you do, go to the well and go next to the thing sticking out of it and type, "turn crank". After that type, "put pebbles in bucket". The bucket will go down and that's when you type, "turn crank" again. After that, go to the horse and type, "put on monster maskus", {yes I said maskus!" Remember!! The horse is all the way on the left side of the game! Then, when the horse runs into the wall find an archery and go up to the front of the desk and type "talk". He will say something about saying haldo to his brother. Go back through the gate and type "haldo". he will then go back to his brother at the archery. Go back to the archery also and type talk. Give them the super trinket that you got before in the game. Now is your job to make three bullseyes with the arrows. Tip: if the flag is going in a straight line point the arrow in the opposite side on where the flag is pointing at the end of the larger white spot. Now, go through the fence again and type "get arrows". After that, go to the kerrek prepaired by beforhand typing "attack kerrek". Press enter as soon as you here Dum dum dum dum. The Kerrek is dead now. Go over to the kerek and type "get belt". There will be a mud puddle where the cracked area used to be. Walk over it and then you will be all muddy. Warning!it will take you a while to find it! So to make it easier, it's the area underneath the SW Kerrek tracks. This last part is easy! Go to the house with the bushes in front. go up to the door and type "open door". Type "talk" when you go up to the lady in the chair and she will say something about her husband diing from Trogdor and she is in debt and she wants you to kill the Jhonka. Go up tothe bag and type "get chicken feed". Finally go to the right side of the lake and type "talk". Who really cares what the old guy says, so just type "throw chicken feed" and you will get the last of the 39 points. REMEMBER TO KILL THE JHONKA THAT IS BY THE CAVE AND GET THE RICHES AND RETURN THE RICHES TO THE LADY!! Also throw the baby in the lake.
Kill Jhonka
Go N of da jhonka's cave an' type hide. Walk S and type get riches. After dat type no. Know return to da lady in da cottage.
Target Practice
For all of you people who are as stupid as I am. When you are shooting arrows at the target THE WIND IS BLOWING!! So watch the flag. I had no idea for a long time! So I would be stuck on that for at least 5 hours before I would pass it!


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In the text box below, type die and you will die.
Meatball sub
When you get the baby, go to the well. Go next to the crank and type "put baby in well". Then the baby will be lowered down. Type "turn crank" and it will come back up. The baby will have a meatball sub!
Strong Bad's Hidden Email
When you see the Kerrok say make friends with the Kerrok and you will see Strong Bad's Hidden Email.