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While the North American Street Fighter V beta is underway for fans who pre-ordered the title on... posted 2 hours ago

Blizzard is at it again. Following the success of the company's Heroes of the Storm tournament... posted 2 hours ago

2 days ago
added 6 new screenshots to Oxenfree (PC)
Monterey Jack
2 days ago

wrote a user review for Portal (PC)


There must’ve been something in the air around Valve’s headquarters in 2007 because even as side...

Mojang and Telltale Games revealed today that the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode will, for the... posted Aug 28, 15 12:48pm

It's an all out war between the law and the drug cartels in LawBreakers. Originally titled The... posted Aug 28, 15 11:23am

Aug 28, 15 12:32pm
added 4 new screenshots to Hive Jump (PC)
Aug 28, 15 12:30pm
to Hive Jump (PC)
Aug 28, 15 11:36am
added 2 new concept art to Lawbreakers (PC)
Aug 28, 15 11:34am
added 10 new screenshots to Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (PC)

Don't get in too big a hurry to reclaim our home, Commander. Due to tactical reasons, 2K Games and... posted Aug 28, 15 10:49am

Insanity Prevails
Aug 28, 15 2:35am

wrote a user review for Agarest: Generations of War (PC)


Agarest is a game that I pre-purchased at a time where games like this were still something of a...

Aug 27, 15 10:05pm
added 6 new screenshots to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (PC)
Aug 27, 15 10:04pm
added 2 new screenshots to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC)

11 bit studios and Deep Silver announced today that an expansion of a 2014 PC release This War of... posted Aug 27, 15 4:25pm

Thanks to an early reveal from PlayStation Italy this morning, we now know that Capcom will be... posted Aug 27, 15 12:05pm

GladOS promised us cake if we stopped thinking with portals in Portal. Whether you believed the... posted Aug 27, 15 10:28am

Players will finally be able to try their hand at the Street Fighter V beta for PlayStation 4 once... posted Aug 26, 15 6:32pm

Assassin's Creed Syndicate will not hit the Windows PC platform until November 19th, Ubisoft... posted Aug 26, 15 12:22pm

Aug 26, 15 3:18pm
added a cheat to Shadowrun: Hong Kong (PC)
Aug 26, 15 2:58pm
Looking for people who play Minecraft on Xbox one my gamertag is knottster64623 MinecraftXboxOneEdition XONE
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