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23 hours ago
added 4 new screenshots to Dreaming Sarah (PC)

Last week, Undertale's creator revealed that Nintendo approached him about possibly porting his... posted 2 days ago

In case you're wondering why Kickstarter backers are up in arms over Unsung Story: Tale of the... posted 2 days ago

Dark Souls III is drawing ever closer. The game's due out in April pending any last minute issues... posted 2 days ago

C Falcon
Feb 06, 16 6:32pm
added 2 new screenshots to American Truck Simulator (PC)
Feb 06, 16 6:31pm

wrote a user review for One Finger Death Punch (PC)


Here's a game that, when you describe the basic premise, sounds like it should be downright awful....

C Falcon
Feb 05, 16 5:36pm
added a cheat to American Truck Simulator (PC)
Feb 05, 16 12:02pm
F2P Smash Bros minus Nintendo, more or less. Brawlhalla

The man behind Bethesda Software's revivals of the classic Elder Scrolls and Fallout CRPG... posted Feb 05, 16 11:05am

Feb 04, 16 1:03pm
added 5 new screenshots to Tharsis (PC)
Feb 04, 16 1:02pm
to Tharsis (PC)

Who's ready for more Undertale? Nintendo seems to be keen on the idea, as the game's creator Toby... posted Feb 04, 16 11:24am

Feb 04, 16 2:56am
added a cheat to Adventure Quest (PC)
C Falcon
Feb 03, 16 8:30pm
added 3 new screenshots to American Truck Simulator (PC)

Blizzard's found themselves in the same pickle with Hearthstone that plagues other card games. How... posted Feb 02, 16 1:43pm

We all knew it was coming, but the Force has awakened over at TT Games. Plans for TT's upcoming... posted Feb 02, 16 12:49pm

A couple of weeks ago, we heard that the murder mystery title Danganronpa was making its way to... posted Feb 01, 16 10:07am

Jan 31, 16 8:21pm

wrote a user review for Riddled Corpses (PC)


I kicked off the year with a highly positive review. Then I covered a game that sat in the awkward...

Jan 31, 16 8:20pm
added 5 new concept art to Song of the Deep (PC)
Jan 31, 16 8:19pm
added 5 new screenshots to Song of the Deep (PC)
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