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Following multiple delays, developer Comcept is ready to deliver more in-game footage for Mighty... posted 41 mins ago

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wrote a user review for Undertale (PC)


About this time two years ago on my internet travels I came across a game that was making the...

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The Nep measurement unit has my full support. HyperdimensionNeptunia≠ReBirth35Generation

Steam Community: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation. The Nep measurement unit has my full support.

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wrote a user review for Bulb Boy (PC)


Bulb Boy is a point and click cartoonish horror game, with some quirky humor, giant monsters and...

Freewind Rider

wrote a user review for Final Fantasy XIII (PC)


When it comes right down to it, Final Fantasy XIII is kind of uneven. Not so much in terms of...


wrote a user review for The Cat Lady (PC)


Games like The Cat Lady mystify me, if only because they’re so *bleep*ing good despite there being...

Just Cause 3, the latest installment in Avalanche Studios' open-world action series, will at last... posted Nov 26, 15 11:56am

Nov 25, 15 1:30pm
Hope someone can help... How do I get more settlers to join my camps? Fallout4

The quest to encourage players to be excellent to one another in terms of sportsmanship continues... posted Nov 25, 15 11:34am

It's been a few weeks since we last checked in on Japan to see how video games are doing over in... posted Nov 25, 15 6:34am

After spending almost the entire month of November poring over sales data from last month,... posted Nov 25, 15 5:59am

If you've been anywhere on the Internet the last few days, chances are you've seen at least... posted Nov 24, 15 11:47am

Nov 24, 15 10:48am
Can anybody help me on skrimish pictures of of maps are pink and game is pink what i must do? TheLordOfTheRingsTheBattleForMiddleEarth2TheRiseOfTheWitchKing
Nov 23, 15 2:43pm

wrote a user review for Tales of Zestiria (PC)


My experience with the Tales series is short but still with its ups and downs. Symphonia has...

Nov 23, 15 2:43pm

wrote a user review for SOMA (PC)


As scary as monsters, dimly lit hallways and the odd trippy moment can be, there’s nothing scarier...

Nov 23, 15 12:04pm
added 4 new screenshots to Year Walk (PC)

Come at me, bro! BROFORCE is back with its first all-American update guaranteeing our freedom to... posted Nov 23, 15 10:52am

Nov 21, 15 3:04pm
How do i beat the giant crocodile monster ResidentEvil4
Nov 21, 15 1:00pm
to Grand Theft Auto V (PC)
Nov 20, 15 6:14pm
added 3 new screenshots to Tales of Zestiria (PC)
Nov 20, 15 6:14pm
to Undertale (PC)

Capcom has already confirmed six DLC characters to be released over the course of the year... posted Nov 20, 15 11:37am

All good things must come to an end. With Dark Souls III's launch just a few months away, Gamespot... posted Nov 20, 15 11:34am

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