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[edit] Background

Patrician II is a real-time trading simulation featuring elements of construction and the historical background of maritime trade in the North European area between London and Novgorod during the 1300's. As a citizen of a medieval town, the aim of the game is to rise from the status of a simple, insignificant trader to that of a big businessman and perhaps even become the head of the Hanseatic League. To achieve this goal, the player must gain recognition and prestige among the people - rich and poor - and try to make profit by means of maritime trade, the production of goods and the completion of missions. The player can raise his standing through city improvement and diplomacy or he fills his treasury through piracy and smuggling.

[edit] Gameplay

The trading system The trading system represents the central part of Patrician II. It is your task to deal with supply and demand in certain cities and to satisfy the needs of the people. In this context, the following principle applies: the better a city's demands are met and the more its production facilities are used to capacity, the richer and bigger a city will become.

Construction Build your own: residential buildings, businesses, city walls, watch towers. Thus, you can rent living space, produce goods and raw materials and protect the city from sieges and pirate attacks. In turn, you shape the long-term development of your town and gain prestige and recognition.

Sea battles Sea battles are a special option you can choose to get involved if you wish. Defend your ships and convoys against pirate attacks or act as a pirate yourself and attack other ships.

Politics The higher a trader's rank the more political influence he gains in his hometown - and later on even in the entire Hanseatic League.

Events Each game will be different. Therefore, a series of minor and major events will change the course of the game. The events, which integrate well with the historical background, will vary every time you play.

[edit] Features

  • The principle of a classic trading simulation in a completely new real-time design
  • Immense detail-richness by taking the historical background of late medieval northern Europe as well as historical events into account
  • A genre-mix including trade, economics, sea battles and diplomacy
  • Two separate game environments, dividing city activity and maritime trade, which results in optimum user-friendliness and ideal graphics for each environment
  • A realistic simulation of a complex world that comprises production, transport, trade and consumption
  • A number of various game modes and objectives, ranging from small single missions to 'life-long' campaigns. Additionally, game objectives and difficulty levels can be adjusted in various ways
  • Very detailed and historically adapted graphics (buildings, ships, city walls, citizens, etc.)
  • Multiplayer games via network or using a single computer in turn-based mode for up to 8 players

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Pentium II 233
32 MB of RAM
4MB graphic card
Quad speed CD-rom
Ms Mouse

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