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Consol Codes
This involves a bit of file alteration, so you might want to make a backup before hand.

Go to the folder "data" under the main directory where you installed the game and open the file called config.ini

Under the section [ General ] add "EnableConsole = 1" (without the quotation marks, it is also case sensitive!).

Also change the value "ShowConsoleLog = 0" to read "ShowConsoleLog = 1" (again without the quotation marks)

Open the file called init.cfg, which resides under the directory "data" as well.

Now add a key bind according to the function you want to use. For instance:
bindcmd f1 god
bindcmd f2 fly on
bindcmd f3 fly off
bind y slow
bind u normal

If you made the change "ShowConsoleLog = 1" earlier, you will see the effect of the keys pressed at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now close the files and run the game.

(all object names are listed in the file items.xml, which is inside the file called World.vfs. If count is not given, 1 item will be added.)

Property names:
health - health. max value: 1.
tiredness - fatigue. max value: 1.
hunger - hunger. max value: 1.
disease - infection. max value: 1.
reputation - reputation. max value: 1.
money - amount of money

Note that actors are not only people or animals. Doors and other inanimated objects are actors too. For instance
locked = 1 - means the door is closed, locked = 0 - means door is open.
That way you can open any door anywhere.

additem [ id_actor ] [ ] [ count ] - adds the [ count ] number of [ ] into the inventory of [ id_actor ]
propf [ ] [ ] [ value ] - changes the given property of the selected actor to the value given by [ value ]
fly on - fly
god - invulnerability
vis - retrieves id numbers of all actors currently in the view
id_.trace - retrieves the id number of the actor targeted
id_.player - retrieves the id number of your player character, his coordinates and direction
map - retrieves the name of the current scene
normal - returns to normal speed
slow - slows down game, sort of a bullet time effect
go Sobor - teleports player to the "cathedral"
go [ scene ] - teleports the player to [ scene ]
fly - off walk

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