Pariah (Xbox) Cheats

Pariah cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Cheat Codes
At the settings menu, select cheat codes and enter the following:

God mode- Up, LT, X, LT
All Ammo- Down, Up, Down, Y
All Single Player Levels- Y, Down, RT, Down
Show Location Stats- X, Right, LT, Left
Unlock GS ShaMaN map- Left, LT, X, Left
Unlock EB Cityhunt map- White, Y, X, Black
Misc Cheats
God Mode

After starting a new level hit pause then choose settings and Cheat Codes.

Press in sequence;
Up, Left Trigger, X, Left Trigger

The screen will read: "God Mode Toggled"

You will need to enable at the start of every new level. It will not work if you try after loading a "Resume" save.

This will not work on vehicles.

All Ammo

At the start of a level hit pause and enter the settings menu.
Choose Cheat codes and enter the following in sequence.

Down, Up, Down, Y