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Parasite Eve Tips

How to beat Neo Eve at the top of the Chrysler Bld
If you followed my previous strategy, you should have a bad-ass gun called the Red Lady and I hope you learned how to use it well because you're gonna need everything you can get for what you're about to face. Take all the Revives and Med4's you can carry and climb to the top of the Chrysler Bldg and get ready for the fight of your life. When Neo Eve engages you, take a little time to learn her attack patterns, since they can be deadly. Her quick, physical blows are dangerous but with your super-high levels, they're not really all that much of a threat. After you score a few hits, she'll call helper down to hit Aya with a status blast and another to heal Eve. DO NOT ATTACK HER WHILE THESE HELPERS ARE THE SCREEN OR SHE WILL START BEING HEALED AT REALLY HIGH LEVELS!! After the battle wages on for a while, her attack patterns will change a bit. She now has a quick, five-hit combo that will kill you if your not careful. The other thing that uses is her ultra-powerful Spirit Rush. This attack cannot be avoided and it will either kill you or knock your HP down to one. Once she hits you, Eve has to rest for a moment before getting back into the fight. This is chance to throw every thing you have a her. Use Preraise first and when you get your PE back, activate Liberation and started wailing away at her. Rinse and repeat and Neo Eve will soon fall and you'll be treated to the game real endind.

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