Parasite Eve Tips

One of Aya's Ultimate Weapons
Anyone who has played Parasite Eve can almost immediatly tell that is not ordinary game. Its cool blend of RPG elements and scary Sci-fi story make for one unique game. Toward the end of the game, you'll have the opporitunity to custom name a gun and armor of your choice. Make sure you've formed a bond with this weapon because you'll be using it the rest of the time in the EX mode. A rifle works alright as do grenade launchers but I choose the G23 and the M8000 for their high-rate of fire. Take the 2-command off of the M8000 and put it on the G23. The gun's already cool and we haven't even gotten started yet. The reason I'm using the G23 is because of its whole slew of attachments. A few more thing then you can beat the game. From now on, you need to focus all your BP to the gun's power. Don't worry about Range and Bullet Cap., your raise them high soon enough.
Now you can beat the game. When you come to the part where Wayne names you gun and armor make sure its a cool name. For a while, mine was called the Viper.44 but eventually changed it to the Red Lady. Go through the game a couple of times, taking every weapon you find and putting their perameters into the Red Lady. This goes for bonus points too. When your ready, take on the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building has an unbeliveable 77 floors but the building also house some of the best guns and equipment in the entire game. After finding the all, this is how the Red Lady should look,
10x Rate Of Fire
Now just go back down and start play more of the game until your attack for the Red Lady somewhere between 750-850 for some serious damage. Go and Lvl up at the Museum till you reach level 85-95 and Aya stronger that pretty much every enemy in the game. One-shot kills, A lightnig fast ATP and PE bar, it just dosen't get any better. Stay tuned and I'll show you how to take down the game's hardest boss. Just keep your eyes open for Mr.Kefka.