Parasite Eve Tips

Escaping The Final Boss
When the last boss starts chasing you through the battleship, escaping him can be rather tricky, considering if you make a wrong turn and he touches you, you're killed instantly, and must start over from your last save point. Here's the sequence to avoid that;

1. Head inside the ship and proceed through the only door to the left of the map.

2. At the first junction, take a left and head down the hall.

3. Keep going until you reach the second junction and take another left (which would be up on the screen) and head down the ladder.

4. Activate the machine in this room to start overloading the boiler.

5. Cross over the small metal incline towards the bottom right, then hook a left and head up the ladder.

6. Keep going until you're off the ship. Whatever you do, don't let the boss catch up to you! If you're unsure of where to run at first on a new screen, pause the instant the screen changes so you can get your bearings.