PaRappa the Rapper 2 Cheats

PaRappa the Rapper 2 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Control time of day
The game places Parappa's neightborhood at the same time of day indicated by the PlayStation2's time setting. For example, if you set the Playstation2's time to 11:30 a.m., it will be bright and sunny in the game. If it is 7:00 p.m., it would be sunset. If you set the time to 10:30 p.m. it will be dark outside.
Secret song
Go though the opening FMV sequence to the part where PaRappa is writing his name and all the characters appear. Wait until a demo of the game appears. Go though the demo and the opening FMV sequence will appear again. Go though that and go though the part where PaRappa writes his name and wait again. Instead instead of them showing a demo, the colorful noodles will appear on the sides of the screen and the song will start playing.
Song test
Successfully complete the game with the yellow hat to unlock a new dog house that allows you to listen to any song in levels that you finished with a cool rating.
Sunny's music video
Successfully complete the game with the yellow hat, then do the "Secret song" trick. Go though the whole song, then a music video with Sunny singing her intro music on stage will begin.


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FreeStyle (Replay Glitch)
To do the freestyle glitch (replay glitch) You have to take out the disc when its your turn to rap the game will stop playing and that does not mean you can't play it. It means that you can freestyle when the game is stopped if the game is frozen you can still press buttons on the controller and make parappa the rapper rap still if you completed the stage with this you can get a weird parappa noise when you saved a replay with that glitch.


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Directly To Song
Go directly to song: At the stage select screen, simultaneously press and hold L1 and L2, and select a stage, still holding the buttons until the stage loads. You will go directly to the song of that stage.

Get a "Cool" rating:
The only way that managed to get me a cool rating was to press the buttons displayed on screen in a random order and quite fast. Your meters should go up slowly and eventually you will get a cool rank. In this mode, the other rapper will leave the level allowing you to freestyle, but watch out, as your rank can go back down to good if you don't keep the pace up.
Ninja mode
At the stage select screen, hold R1 amd R2, then choose a stage. When the game begins, all of the icons are replaced by ninja stars.
Quick skip.
At the stage selection screen,, hold L1 andL2 to go strait to the tune.
Skip the practice screen
There is actually a way to skip the boring practice screen with the stupid talking radio. Just press start when the practice begins and you will go to the level.
unlock everything and some codes.

2.record store to get a 'cool' rating
4.some codes and tips courtsy of:Sateliteuser34, Badluckvixen, Alex Morgan and belkin from

1. beanies
Once you complete the game you are rewarded with a new beanie. Each beanie represents a harder difficulty.
the orange beanie is the default and represents easy.
When you complete all eight levels you get the blue beanie = normal mode
next, you get a pink hat = hard mode
finally, you get the yellow beanie = very hard.
now you are finished with all the hats, you can select them with the right analogue stick at the 'press start menu'.

2.Record Store
Also, when you comlete the game with all the beanies, you will see a building behind Guru Ant which looks like PaRappas head but is in fact the record store. The only unlocked record is 'come a long way', the song that Sunny sings at the picnic.To ulock new records, you need to finish a level with a 'cool' rating. For example Beard Burger master + cool rating = beard buger record.

3.How to get a 'cool' rating
Now dont flame me if this does not work because THIS IS how you get a cool rating but it is hard. Even i have trouble getting cool rating. To get a cool rating, you should try not to copy what they say, out rap them, out groove them. To do this, press the button combination in a different order and in time with the beat.check the three meters at the bottom of the screen to see how well you are doing. If you can get all three of them quite far on the plus side that should boost you up.

4. some codes and tips
First of all, DO NOT praise or flame me for these tips as they are not can thank the following:
SSGotenks89- for showing me the page
Alex Morgan- for the 'bonus stage
Sateliteuser34- for the 'control time of day tip'
Badluckvixen- for 'Secret song' and Sunnys Music video' tips
oh yeah, kid kaos for everything else!!!

well, here go the tips:
CONTROL TIME OF DAY- The game places Parappas neighbourhood at the same time of day indicated by the playstation 2's time setting.

SECRET SONG- go through the FMV sequence to the title screen and leave the game idle until a demo of the game is showed. go through that and watch the FMV to the title screen again and instead of the part with parappa spraying his name, colourful noodles will come to the sides of the screen and the song will play.

SUNNYS MUSIC VIDEO- complete the game with the yellow beanie and do the secret song trick above and listen to the whole song and Sunnys video will be played

BONUS STAGE- To unlock a bonus stage after any regular stage, get a score around 1,000 or over and you will meet chop chop master onion and his kotamenegis whatever that means.this is good for getting bonus points.

SHURIKEN MODE- just to let you know a shuriken is a ball of lightening from the game street fighter. Hold R1 and R
2 while selecting a stage and shurikens will replace the buttons.

FAST START- Hold L1 and L2 to choose a level at the selection menu