Paper Mario review
Great start on a series

The good:

Bowser kills you for once no matter what (but you come back from the dead)
Some of the bosses and places look good, like LavaLava Island and Tubba Blubba Castle.

The bad:

Some of the bosses are too easy.
Allies could use some HP.


Lastability: 7/10.
When you've beaten Bowser, oops, gotta restart the game. But really, before Bowser, you have to collect stuff like Badges for Mario's attacks, and Super Blocks to power up your allies twice. There's a dojo sidequest, which won't give you EXP, but at least helps you do some other sidequests. However, it's not too long.
Graphics: 9/10.
Very unique, and great for its time even.
Sound: 7/10.
Some of the music is hard to hear sometimes, some of the music isn't worth hearing, but most of the music and sound effect scores are pretty sweet.
Gameplay: 8/10.
Just like in many RPG's, you, ally and enemies will take it in turns to attack. With your boots or your hammer, you'll smash your enemies to bits before they do the same. With your allies behind you, they can get in a few more hits before the boss finally dies, or before Mario dies, whatever comes first. What I don't like is how the allies have no health.
Overall: 3.8/5.0.
This game is a great start to a great Mario spin-off series. I advise getting it right now.

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