Paper Mario Cheats

Shy Guy Money
Check back to Shy Guy's Toy Box after you've rescued Muskular from General Guy. The best time for this trick is after you get no star points from beating a Shy Guy in battle, and you have at least 5 spaces in your inventory. With the First Attack Badge equipped, enter the Toy Box and go to the left. Continue until you get to the Shy Guy Playground. Now, make use of the badge and destroy the enemies with a first strike. The enemy will leave some coins most of the time, and you get a spiffy item too for free! Get every item in the playground. Now go to Tayce T.'s house and have her cook the Mushroom and the Cake Mix together. You'll get a Shroom Cake. Now have her cook the Fire Flower and the other Cake Mix together. You'll get a Fire Pop. You can sell both items in either Toad Town shop for 20 coins each! Not too bad, since this takes about 2-3 minutes. ( does reading this )