Paper Mario Cheats

Wacka Bumps
Wacka Bumps are extremely valuble on acount of they restore Both 25 hp and fp. The way to get 8 Wacka Bumps is to first come up onto MT.Rugged and go 1 screen over and you will see stairs going down. Go down the stairs and go left. You will see a block so obliterate it with your hammer. Go through and then a blue mole called Wacka will appear and then talk to him and he'll sing a little ditty about how nice it is outside. Then you will notice he looks like one of those moles in the game Wack-a-mole. Hit him over the head with your hammer or jump on him and a little wart will fall of him. Pick up the wart and go over one screen and come back. Repeat the process until he says " I can't take this abuse" he leaves and you are left with Many Wacka Bumps