Paper Mario: Sticker Star Unlockables

HP-Up Heart Locations
This has the locations of all 16 HP-Up Hearts. Each HP-Up Heart increases Mario's HP by 5.
UnlockableHow to unlock
HP-Up Heart 1In Surfshine Harbor, Fix the sideways door and enter it, then go around to the other side and climb the crates to the second floor
HP-Up Heart 2In Bouquet Gardens, Place Flower Stickers in the Toad's destroyed garden after you got the Fan
HP-Up Heart 3In Hither Thither Hill, Defeat the Big Buzzy Beatle.
HP-Up Heart 4In Drybake Desert, At the Pyramid.
HP-Up Heart 5In the Yoshi Sphinx, At the Comet Piece walk opposite of the stairs you climbed to slide off of the other side of the Sphinx to reach the HP-Up Heart.
HP-Up Heart 6In Sandshifter Ruins, Inside of a Coffin in one of the many doors inside the ruins
HP-Up Heart 7In Wiggler's House, Use a door sticker to enter the secret area with the HP-Up Heart in it.
HP-Up Heart 8In Gauntlet Pond, In the area with the Super Star. Easier to find entrance to the secret area after the poison is gone.
HP-Up Heart 9In Treebranch Trail, Secret area in the first tree in the second area, the entrance is across the poison on the right side of the tree.
HP-Up Heart 10In Leaflitter Path, Nearby the Comet Piece after the Poison is gone.
HP-Up Heart 11In Stump Glade, Beat Snifit or Whiffit again after getting the Royal Sticker and removing the Poison
HP-Up Heart 12At Ice Flow, on a ledge at the second ice path.
HP-Up Heart 13In the Enigmansion, after completing Whitevaley Lift, go back to the Enigmansion and go to the living room. The Lift Operator is the master again and the old master you helped is a butler again. Sit in the chair and the butler comes in, serves you and gives you the HP-Up Heart.
HP-Up Heart 14In Shy Guy Jungle, When going after the Spear Guy that ran off with the scrap to the right, go behind the first giant flower and head right, enter the Hidden area to find the HP-Up Heart.
HP-Up Heart 15In Rumble Volcano, It is nearby where Petey Piranha is sleeping.
HP-Up Heart 16In Decalburg. After saving the traveling Toad in all five Worlds, Read the last postcard in his house and his friend will give you the HP-Up Heart.