Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door review
Paper beats rock AND scissors

The good:

Paper element is used to full advantage
Excellent and unique battle system
Hints always availible
Unique level-up system
Packed with humour
Loads of side-quests

The bad:

Sometimes stupid backtracking


I won't beat around the bush. Paper Mario 2 is truely a masterpiece and anyone who dismisses it based on the graphics are losing out. OK, with that out of the way onto the review.

Graphically the game adopts a mix of 2D and 3D to offer an interesting view of Mario's world. The graphic style isn't all visual though. Being paper thin Mario can fold himself in a number of different shapes, and scenary too can be blown away and flip over like a book page. Thusly the graphics help to expand the gameplay.

Soundwise things aren't too bad. Great sound effects but the music tends to linger in the background rather than making itself stick in the mind.

The gameplay is top notch. Paper Mario 2 has set a new standard, even though it isn't a traditional RPG. The battle system is set on a stage. An audience watches you, and performing well excites the auidence, which in turn helps you.

The only real problem with this game is the fact that there is some pointless backtracking a couple of times. Most notably are the Twilight Trail and the Excess Express sections. That aside this is truely the best game of 2004 and possibly the best game ever.

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