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The best Mario RPG yet!


Paper Mario: TTYD is a sequel to the original Paper Mario on the N64. Take Super Mario World, mix some elements from Mario & Luigi: SS and Super Mario RPG, and you get Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! Like in the past Mario RPG games, this one does not disappoint. It has everything to satisfy a gamer, even if your a Square-Enix fanboy, you still want to add this to your collection. Now, on to the review....

Graphics - 10 - This is a perfect example of what Paper Mario should be. It has the same paper-style effects as the first game. There are some cel-shaded areas in the game that totally make it look papery. Basically, the graphics are NOT kiddy in any way. This is a whole new scheme in which your character can flip around and move in any direction they want with their papery-self. The best graphics you would see in any game would be this.

Music - 10 - The music does not disappoint, it is addicting in every way. I even memorize the music in my head, unforgettable. I like how they put a different soundtrack in every location. There is some music taken out of Super Mario World here and there. It is like the original Paper Mario with great music and sound effects. The going-down-the-pipe sound effects is still the same as it was like the original Super Mario Brothers.

Story - 9 - The story takes place at Rougeport. You get a map and have to find all the crystal stars you can find. The story is very nice at times. It's interesting to see Mario and friends hunt for clues with his own map RPG-style! Adds a twist to the Paper Mario universe. If you like the original Paper Mario, then I'm sure you will like the story that is in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Gameplay - 10 - The gameplay is turn-based like most other Mario RPG games. You can make a first strike to any opponent to get a head start on things. You have a variety of badges to choose from to get more attacks during a battle. A party will help you with these battles too, so you are not alone. Like in past Mario RPG games, you have a limit to how much items you must carry. It does not change here, but it actually is fun because it let's you carry the items that are useful instead of having items that are useless. The gameplay is very challenging and it uses a lot of puzzles you must solve to continue on. This is much like the classic Super Mario World on the SNES, so if your a fan of it, pick this one up.

Buy or Rent - Buy! You will not regret PM: TTYD. This is a must have for any RPG gamer and Square fans alike. Pick this one up.

Graphics - 10
Music - 10
Story - 10
Gameplay - 10

Overall - Paper Mario: TTYD is the best RPG on the GC. It will not disappoint

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