Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

There's an easy way to level up but can take alot of time. First you have to have about 3 or 4 ultra shrooms and 3 or 4 jam n jelly and also 2 life shrooms. You can purchase the ultra shrooms (50hp) and jam n jelly (50fp) at the item shop near the east side of the sewers. The life shroom can be purchased at the item shop in west rougeport. You can always purchase them by selling a few badges. Badges can be sold for alot of coins but it depends how rare they are. Well anyway once you have your items equip two power plus badges to make this alot easier. Once you have everything enter the pit of a 100 trials. Once entered theirs no way out until the levels you reached are at 10,20,30 etc... untill you fight Bonetail (200HP, 2DF, 8AT) Dont worry he's not as hard as he seems as long as you have the items I told you to get. After you beat every enemy in the trials, once you come out you'll have at least increased 6 levels. An you can keep repeating this process but remember the more levels you increase the less star points some enemy's will give. Well good luck, it was a pain in the *** but it was worth it, right now my level in the game is 49