Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

easiest way to kill grodus, bowser and kammy koopa
OK you will need

Full HP SP & FP
Vivian and bombery powered up at least once
70-99 star points


OK first get Vivian to do fiery jinx his barrier will disappear
and Mario will use art attack.
Do this for the first 2 turns.
Next keep using fiery jinx,
Mario will use power smash.
its better if you do action commands and guard commands.
when he shoots a ray of blue fiery tap B as fast as you can
he should die.

you will get a level up.

Bowser and kammy koopa

Same as with grodus for Vivian and Mario
except only use art attack on kammy koopa. its best to kill her first because she can maximise her and bowsers lives.
bowser is easier when he bites you its super easy to press B.
so the only thing that is acually bad is when he jumps. he will take something like attacks or hammer so you can`t use it for 2-5 turns.

but overall they are easy. Oh and bombery is incase Vivian dies.