Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

BEAT SHADOW QUEEN EA-Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having a hard time with the Shadow Queen? If so look forward! You need: fully upgraded Goombella,Charge P badge,10 Ultra Shrooms,and a Power Plus badge! First get to the battles second verse second keep on using standard jump with Mario third when Goombellas turn charge (uses 1 FP) over and over and over. when you have 4 FP left use multi bonk with Goombella (uses 4 FP)and try keeping a long combo bonk. I say to Marios standard jump to weaken the Shadow queen making it easir to kill her. if your O.K. at jumping but better at hamering,hamering is also O.K. to weaken her but you need to use goombellas orderd stradegy! Use the Ultra Shrooms when on low
HP and that goes for both mario and goombella! 70 HP is the least HP rec omended possible but I put in a lot concideration and used 95 HP. 35 is the least FP needed. I HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU!!!!!!!