Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Glitches

Koops Dissapears Randomly!!!
This will make Koops do a whole bunch of random stuff, It's kinda funny!!!

Ok, so get in the train for Poishley Heights (I don't know if it works going to Rogueport) Go to the very back of the train and and stand in front of the door that says "6" above it. Make sure you're in the midle of the hall first. Face towards the back of the train and use Koops's shell attack and hold X. Keep him there and get RIGHT INFRONT of the Toad thats at the baggadge door. DO NOT LET GO OF X!!! Now, Keep holding X and press A at the same time. That will make you to talk to the toad. Koops should come running back to you but will be stopped by #8's door. Walk to the Right corner of the hallway and Koops will be doing something... weird to the door. Then he will disapear randomly!!! Weird don't you think? Soon enough he will pop out of the ceiling or walk out of the wall!!! Just depends on how good you do it.

Hope you laugh!!!