Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

fool proof way to beat the pit of 100 trials
need 25 power rush ps
10 ultra shrooms, 2 jammin jellys, 4 life shrooms and boo sheets, 55 HP 50 FP 33 BP, strange sack, AND quick change
Total 5110 PLUS boo sheets
use artytack on strong enemies(wizzerds)
have yoshi at 2-5 hp and have hime upgraded twice and don't use him until lv 80. there equip the 25 power rush Ps and quick change. on level 99 beat it and bring out yoshi then fight bonetail. mario should use boo sheet on yoshi. yoshi should use ground pound to take down a maximum of...279 HP!!!!! HOLY SHNAPE!THATS ONE HIT EXECUTION1