Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

A very good way to be incincible!
1. Go finish all the troubles that give you cards to the pianta parlor.

2. Get a minimum of 17 power rushes.

3. Go to Chet Rippo and bring your HP down to 5, first bring your FP to 50 and then put the rest on your BP till its 99.

4. Equip all the power rushes, multi bounce and if you don't have it go buy a flower saver and equip it. Equip all the close calls you got, pretty luckies and if you have one, a lucky day (get it at level 90 in pit of 100 trials) and you should be fine.

5. Power up Ms. Mouz to max.

6. Have her as a partner ONLY.

7. As you go through the pit, capture every close call and pretty lucky you see, despite the enemy just concentrate on to capture it.

8. Have a bunch of life shrooms until you have over half a page on your badges full of pretty lucky's.

9. If you have equipped a minimum of 4 close calls, 6 pretty luckies and 1 lucky day, your chances of getting hit are EXTREMELY LOW! Probably a 5% chance of getting hit.