: : : : : : : problem with bosses in chapter 8?

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

problem with bosses in chapter 8?
okay. when you're trying to defeat Grodus, he's pretty easy. bobbery is the most useful partner. start it out with a earth tremor attack, getting rid of all the grodus-x's. he'll make 2 grodus-x's, so have mario bounce (just normal bounce!!) on one of his grodus-x's and then have bobbery bomb on him. slowly but surely his life will chip away.


this guy ticks me off. when your in battle with him,
get rid of that old hag (Kammy koopa) and after she's gone, the rest of the battle's a piece of cake. if you keep dying, just go back to rougeport, sell some of your badges till you have at least 800 coins. go to the sunken city underground and buy 4 ultra shrooms. go back and fight and you'll definetly win. (when fighting the shadow queen, just get as many more ultra shrooms as you think you need. don't worry, getting back to the shadow queen isn't hard at all, just takes awhile!) i hope i helped! no i really do!