Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

Cool Cheats
1.Refrence to MArio's original name
In the Glitz pit when you battle Rawk Hawk for the first time and the audience is shouting on of them shouts "Jumpman!! wait who. This is what Mario was called in then original Donkey Kong Arcade game.
2.Shadow Mario and vivan VS Doopliss Mario form
DO not Defeat Goombella, because a more powerful partner will appear. Use Power Blow and Shade Fist on Super Mario [Doopliss]
3.Nes Mario
To turn Mario into the Mario SMB1 go to the X-naut Fortress then go thorough spring jump to the the air vent then turn into Paper Mario hold R then when you fall into then vent you'll be Nes Mario and you'll hear hazy maze cave theme From the original Super Mario 64 and underground theme from Super Mario Sunshine.
4.Gloombas from SMB1 and pit of 100 trials
In SMB1 the Gloombas are the same colors from undergroud levels from SMB1 and the pit of 100 trials have Gloombas the same color.