Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Mysterious Ghost Diary
On the Excess Express, you will have to find a Diary for a Ghost on the train, notice how he tells you not to read it or else. Now, go to the toad all the way to the left of the train, the one with a black mushroom. Talk to him and he\'ll let you through. Go to the middle of all the boxes and use your Paper Thin ability and go through the crack. you will get the diary. Don;t read it or this will happen:

MonthX DayX YearX
Today I got on a train...
And on the train...

Then the ghost pops up and tells you that he said don\'t read it, and you get an instant game over which can be bad if you didn\'t save.

So, don\'t read it and go straight back to him and give it to him.

Mission Accomplished!!