Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Two ways to level up
The first way to level up, is in Glitzville after you get the Crystal Star, and rank up all the way to champ. Using the small Yoshi is really good here. Just use the Power Lift star power most of the time you will get one more attack than defense. Always block his attacks and you can get a flawless win. After that use soft stomp, and he will get smaller, then you won\'t get hurt. Always use the Yoshi\'s ground pound and do 4,5(at rank 1),or 6 (at rank 2). Then use any of Mario\'s moves that don\'t need FP. You get from 9-15 star points. Then, at the end you get 20 coins because you did what the owner asked, which is always use one special move.

The other way takes longer, but gets you more Star Points. You need to be able to go to the moon. Just go through the whole level. that should get you 1-3 levels for sure.

Doesn\'t matter which one you use, but one is shorter and less SP, and the other takes longer and you get more SP, but they are both leveled out.