Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

Cheating the lottery and not having to pay a 500 coin fee!
The best way, of course, to try and win the lottery is to not set foward the Clock. instead, follow these instructions:

#1 make sure you havent looked at the board on the day your on.
#2 make sure you save near the happy lucky lottery place, i prefer where the train and blimp is. there is a save block there.
#3 go to the happy lucky lottery area, and look at the board, it will say a number.
#4 if not satisfied, press the reset button on your gamecube.
#5 you will start back at the place you saved.
#6 go back to the board, and read it again.
#7 it will have a different number.
#8 keep trying this techneque. you will eventually get what you want. but all numbers are still hard to get. best of all, there is no fine. no paying 500 coins. no getting the bulky bomb-omb furious. thanks for looking.

Credit goes to Jay_in_Blue