Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Boss Help
HOOKTAIL (20 HP ; 10 HP)
Make sure you have 15 or above HP (need Mushrooms and Honey.), 5FP or above and 3BP or above and 50% SP or above, you'll be able to defeat Hooktail.
HELP-U-FACT: Hooktail is afraid of Crickets, so get the Attack FX B badge and put it on 0 BP. Her defense will drop and attack.

Make sure you have 15 or above HP (need S. Shrooms, Mushrooms, or Honey Surup pick any one) 10FP or above 75% SP or above, and be Level 2 or 3. Keep using your most hurtingful attack until Magnus throws it's hands. Use Flurrie to blow them away or hit them. Also upgrade Flurrie if you have time.
HELP-U-FACT: With the Pretty Lucky badge Magnus will always miss oftenlly than usual.

Make sure you have 20HP or above 15FP or above and 80% of SP or above and have S. Mushrooms, Point Swap (only if low HP) Maple Syurp or any other stuff. Also upgrade Yoshi (you can name him)if you have time and use his Mini-Egg to drop attack power. Pretty Lucky will work too.
HELP-U-FACT: Use the earthquake item and instead of 5 it'll do 7.

????? (40 HP)
Make sure you have 25HP or above 20FP or above and 100% SP, plus with some mushrooms and syurps'. DO NOT UPGRADE GOOMBELLA AND DON'T KILL HER!
HELP-U-FACT: Keep attacking ?????, for some reason they'll be attack lowering...

ATOMIC BOO (Optional Boss) [40 HP]
WHAT?: Spin hammer the boos in the lobby. When completing the battle put on the Lucky Start badge!!
HELP-U-FACT: Keep using the map thing when getting confused, dizzinessed, and poison.

Make sure you have 25HP or above 25FP or above 70% of SP or above. CORTEZ(1); Do what you do. CORTEZ(2); Get Vivian and go into the shadows and defeat Cortez to it again if he does it again. CORTEZ(3); Get Flurrie out and use Gale Force for the weapons won't come back and defeat Cortez. YOU NEED MUSHROOM, S. MUSHROOM, or SYURP.
HELP-U-FACT: Use Simpinflyer and Power Bouce, miss Power Bounce and Cortez will automatically die.

Have 10HP or above 10FP or above and 100% of SP. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 10 THUNDER-RAGES and to wake up Toad talk to him. Or you can use Vivian (make sure you upgraded her 2 times) and use Fiery Jinx. Make sure you have a couple of Zess T.'s recipes.
HELP-U-FACT: The recipie for Ultra Shroom, look it up on the website! Use the Pretty Lucky badge.

MAGNUS 2.0 (70 HP)
Keep using THunder Rages and use Vivian for Jinx then Bobbery for anything else.
HELP-U-FACT: When he takes the crowd use defense and defense plus or use Koops to block. It depends on who he chooses.

Use Vivian's Jinx or Bobbey's Big blast thing. Have some Ultra Shrooms with you too. Have 35HP or more.
HELP-U-FACT: Unaviable right now.

BOWSER (70 HP ; 50 HP)
Make sure you have 78 Star Points while battling Grodus for your level-up!
HELP-U-FACT: Kill the old hag first if you want.

Have 30HP, 30FP, and 30BP for your badges plus life shrooms, ultra shrooms, and jammin' jellies, mix ultra and jammin' for JELLY ULTRA.
HELP-U-FACT: Use Spring Jump at all times and use Vivian's Jinx, and pull thing, then Bobbery or Koops. DETROY HER HANDS FIRST.

I did not make it to Bonetail. Sorry. Go to for videos of him.

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