Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

easy bosses
Get A LOT of coins. go to the west side and go to the palor. Spend all of you coins on blue things with the trading machine. You have to solve Koopooks trouble first. Choose trade in winnings and buy a lot of Power Rush badges for 34 blue things. You should have at least 20. Sell badges at the badge shop for more coins (DON'T SELL THE POWER RUSHES!).Equip the Power Rushes! Buy the Chill Out badge and equip it too. Get more coins and go to the sewers with the pipe in front of frankly's house. Take out Bobery and blow the crack in the wall. Go in the pipe and enter the house. bring your life down to 5 and upgrade FP and BP. Your Power rush badges will activate and your attack is at least 44. You should have at least 30 BP for this trick.