Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

To Beat The Shadow Queen
Ok,you will need these following items:1 ultra shroom "and a backup if you want",1 jammin jelly,at least 3 life shrooms and 3 thunder rages.Now make sure you the happy heart,happy flower,happy heart P, pretty lucky,peekaboo,power plus and defense plus badges on.You will need:70 hp,50 fp and 21 bp.Also make sure that youve upgraded all of your partners (important).When you first start fighting the shadow queen in peach form,dont use any fp or sp and any items.Oh yeah, and make sure you have Vivian out.So just keep using your hammer and Vivians shade fist.And then when she turns into her other form and turns invincable just keep attacking and deffending and stay alive! untill she says something and then she will turn the world into darkness and then peach will give you the rest of her health and then you will regain everything!Then youll start fighting the shadow queen for real,so what you do first is the spring jump on the shadow queen (and do it good) then to kill the shadow queens hands with Vivians fiery jinx and keep doing it.And when she has the pile of hands either do normall jump or use a thunder rage with mario and to finish them off either do shade fist on the hands or fiery jinx.And when she boosts her attack by 7 use veil with Vivian and keep doing all that untill she has 20hp or less then use supernova she should be under 7 hp after that then use shade fist or fiery jinx then she should be dead! And its ok if your partner uses all of your life shrooms.