Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Easy-ish Pit of 100 Trials
this trip takes nearly 2 1/2+ hours. on each level, the enemies get harder. and if you go in there more than once, the order they are placed in every 10 levels will vary. movers will be "moved" from their place to a whole new place.
anyway, stock up on zess deluxes (either mix a golden leaf and whackabump together, or mix a shroom steak and a healty salad together. shroom steaks are mixes of life shrooms and turtley leafs. healthy salads are turtley leafs and horsetails. even more recipies can be found over Google.) you should probably have 10 zess deluxes. the problem is, you have no more room for items! well, simply go to lv 50 of pit of 100 trials and get the item that lets you hold 20 items. now, stock up on 5 zess dynamites. (great for in lv 90 with those golden dozen fingered floating freaks.) also, ahve 5 life shrooms. (you ARE going to die at least once, unless you're like lv 50 ranked or something.)
once you get to bonetail, you should have had all your partners (or at least the better ones,) ranked to ultra ranks (powered up twice.) when fighting bonestail, he will heal himself of 20hp twice, so basically you're dealing with 240hp with a guy with 2 missing attacks. (his turn is wasted healing himself.) now, simply use power smashes and either use bobbery's bomb attack or use ms. mowz love slap (both cause 4hp.) just be sure to NEVER use yoshi, none of his attacks work.