Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

good technique to defeat bowser and grodus
alright we will start off with grodus, leader of the x-nauts. well first of all he has 50 hp and one defense point. he will make grodus x's come up.if four come up they will make a shield.start by attacking the grodus x's so his shield comes down. Now use art. Go on like this (except dont use art) until he is finished. make shure to keep the other grodus x's at bey all the while.

Now its bowser and kammy koopas turn. Well, first kammys hp is 50 and bowsers is 70. First wail on kammy because she will heal herself and bowser. This will take awhile but when its over then bowser is easy. no real biggee if you have the spike protection badge equiped. Just pound the heck out of him with you and your partner (it doesnt really matter who you have out). after the battle grodus runs away with peach. dont be worried about the next room. it has a save point and a health block!