Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Ultimate Boss Guide (No Bonetail)
If you are good as me u dont need to read but if u start beating gus, wait and get power hammer, and use it while goombella handles da rest, use fire flower, and if u or goombella is low, use mushroom, if HP and FP is low, use sweet treat

Blooper 12HP
He starts at da top, use normal attacks to knock him down and when in a knock out position, ATTACK HIM LIKE CRAZY and when he gets up he will spray a ink, doesnt matter finish him off

Golden Fuzzy 20HP
Pay no attention to fuzzy horde, but if they are annoying to u, use goombella to take care of fuzzy horde, use any attack on golden fuzzy, and he'll go away

Red Bones 5HP
Take out all dull bones, then power hammer red bones

HookTail 20HP
Get da cricket sound badge and use your most powerful attacks, use sweet treat

Beldam 10HP, Marylin 12HP, and Vivian 10HP
Take out beldam first she uses ice attacks dat will freeze u, then marylin she uses charge atacks, then vivian she is weak

Mangus Von Grapple 1.0 30HP
Again, like hooktail, basically use your most powerful attacks, when he seperate his arms use flurry gale force

Iron Clefts Both 5-8HP (forgot)
Run away in da first battle, then egg will hatch into a yoshi, name it and go back, use yoshi's gulp on iron clefts

Bowser1 30HP
U try your best in dis battle, when bowser jumps he will take away your jump, hammer, and partaner attacks

Rawk Hawk 30HP
Use your strongest attacks but your partener will most likely faint so use your partener as much as u can, when rawk hawk gets up to da crobar, use quake hammer or flurrie's body slam to take him down

Macho Gruba 50HP
Use your most powerful attacks with mario and use yoshi's ground pound till he use defense boost

Atomic Boo 40HP
Basically use Marios Power Bounce and yoshi's ground pound

Doopliss 1&2 40HP
Doopliss 1 is easy, just use any attack
Doopliss 2 tooken control of mario and friends (pay attention to story) just attack doopliss

Cortex 20+20+20 HP
Start with bobbery
For Cortex #1, beat him to defeat, use your strongest attacks, but dont waste too much FP

For Cortex #2, use vivian or switch to vivian use marios strongest attacks when cortex is all charged up, use vivians veil

For Cortex #3, use a multi attack such as:
Flurrie's Gale Force
Yoshi's Stampede
Vivian's Feiry Jynx
Bobbery's Bomb-omb Blast
And finish him with mario

Smorg 50HP
Buy 4 thunder rages and use it in battle with your parteners, then use marios spring jump on red smorg, when smorg miasia BIG HAND shows up, defeat it quick or be scared

Mangus Von Grapple 2.0 70HP
He will start out drilling u and partener he will do da same arm routine so use a multi attack, and when he uses audience attack, use A button dodge

Dark Bones 20HP
Do da same in red bones

GloomTail 80HP
Do da same with hooktail but get the non-poison badge

Beldam 30HP Marylin 40HP and Doopliss 40HP
First take out beldam, then marylin, then doopliss

Grodus 50HP and Mini Grodus 1HP
Get over 80 star points first then get use flurries gale force then when hes vunrable take him down

Bowser 2 70HP and Kammy Koopa 50HP
First take down Kammy, and do da same thing for glitzville bowser

Shadow Queen 150HP
Stay alive for da first part, and after 5 minutes wastin watchin people sayin u can do it mario, get ready

1st if your good with art attack, circle shadow queen and when u get shine sprite jackpot, use art attack again, then go all your strongest attacks, start playin with vivian or bobbery and take her down

Bonetail 200HP
I never made it dat far so ur on your own