Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Ancient Cookbook
To get the ancient cookbook so you can mix two items together and make one, first head off to the pipe that leads to Twilight Town. Once you enter Twilight Town, go to the Twilight Path (the path that leads to the Creepy Steeple), and follow it to the Creepy Steeple. Go into "Tube Mode" and roll into that little path carved at the bottom of the Creepy Steeple gate, and open the gate once you undo "Tube Mode". When you get into the Creepy Steeple, push up on the control stick until you come face-to-face with a wall. You should see a little tunnel, so go into "Tube Mode" again, and roll into the tunnel which leads you to a secret room. Open the chest, get the Ancient Cookbook, which allows you to mix two items to create one, get the star piece behind the furniture, hit the Shrine Sprite block to get a Shrine Sprite, and open the other chest to get the "Ice Smash" badge. You will need the Ancient Cookbook later on in a trouble, and it can be very useful. Continue the story from there.....