Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Yoshi colours: In Detail
Want your Yoshi a certain colour? The key to getting a certain colour is TIME.

Here's how it goes. From the moment you get the egg to when it hatches determines what colour your Yoshi is. I only know three definate timings, but there are several inbetween.

For a White egg, you have to get to the 11th rank and lose to the Iron Bros. in less then half a minute. For a black egg, the time "limit" is a minute. For a green egg, you can take your time: six minutes or over give you this coloured Yoshi. Wether matches are included I'm pretty certain they aren't, but I've been wrong before.

How desperate you are for the "right" egg is determined by how many times you save. A good idea is to speed through and save it before the match. If you get a White or Black egg, I cheer you loudly. If not, you won't be able to gain that extra time back to get those eggs. However you can experiment to see what colours you end up with. This way you can reset the game as often as you like to get the colour you want without having to name your save file "Yellow"