Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Level-up Madness!
This is an extension of "Super Easy EXP on Keelhaul Key" submitted by Kale.

What you do is when you are at the Glitz Pit and battling "The Fuzz"(Which is the battle with a Fuzzy, a Green Fuzzy, and a Flower Fuzzy), you kill the Flower Fuzzy with a Power Stomp in one hit, then have your partner kill the regular Fuzzy. Now the Green Fuzzy will most likely split in two. If he doesn't, then just do a regular jump on him to get him down to 1 HP after he attacks. Keep in mind to NOT follow Grubba's(The tubby guy that you fight to get the Crystal Star) directions so you can keep on battling these guys. Also, DO NOT KILL THIS FUZZY! Just weaken him to where he will die with just one of your attacks. Keep appealing or defending until the Green Fuzzy splits in two. Now, wait until there are 3 on the field. Kill one, and notice that you get 5 Star Points! Try to always have at least two on the field at the lowest HP possible without them dying, and repeat this. Keep on doing this until you get 100 Star Points.(Sadly, this is the most you can get in one battle.) You will grow a level. You can keep on doing this, but next battle, the Star Points are 4 for killing a Green Fuzzy. The battle after, it's 3, after is 3(I think), after is 2.(That's the farthest I went.)
Hope this helped, and happy Level-ups!